Gershon Consulting offers businesses "one-stop" shopping with turnkey comprehensive solutions, as well as customizable media and branding programs, and access to tailored strategic partnerships. Led by Olivier Attia, the Gershon Consulting team has extensive experience and a proven track record taking businesses to the next level... on both sides of the Atlantic. Gershon Consulting executives possess the desire and the "know-how" to facilitate and add value to a wide range of businesses.

Gershon Consulting’s value proposition is supported by a 360° service platform focused branding, communications, marketing and sales. Our U.S. strategy are designed to turn the idea of expansion into commercial success.



Gershon Consulting supports our clients’ objectives from their commitment to expand to the U.S.A. market to the first expenditures.



Why should you expand your business to the United States of America?


For many French and Euro based companies, access to the U.S. market is a vital key to the successful business development and overall growth of their business. To date, 2,600 French subsidiaries have launched their business in the U.S. and 120.000 French citizens reside and work in America.

By leveraging France's world renown reputation for excellence and quality, with U.S.’s tremendous market potential, Gershon Consulting clients understand that America is a perfect place to further develop their businesses.



Economic Overview


With a GDP of USD 14 600 billion in 2011, the United States of America stands as the world's largest national economy. The federal government and private industries both act as major buyers in the private market.

After three difficult years, the U.S. economy shows very positive signs of recovery and domestic consumption rose to a historic high level of 10 trillion dollars again. With a population of over 300 million and growing, U.S. large pool of consumers can be structured into very diverse demographic layers spread out over 50 states.

Besides these intrinsic economic assets, companies located in the U.S. benefit from numerous positive externalities such as:

  • An economy exposed to cutting edge technology: America is generally considered at the forefront of technological advances - especially in the fields of computer science, medicine, aerospace and military
  • An educated and highly skilled workforce: thanks to a top-tier educational system and elite universities, America's labor force stands as a worldwide reference and attracts numerous businesses into the territory
  • Current favorable regulatory environment to small and medium-sized businesses: The flexibility of the U.S. market is an attractive feature when facing product development, plant expansion or downsizing decisions
  • An abundance of information available to companies: top-level market research, industry publications, statistics and studies are great tools to support your business strategy.

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