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Is your brand ready for expansion? Are you ready to impact the highly covered U.S. market? It takes more than just a good idea to navigate the Atlantic and drive brand awareness in the States. At Gershon Consulting, our sophisticated team of industry professionals can help companies realize their goals. Every successful entrepreneur knows that great businesses are as equally concerned with what is sold, as well as where it is sold.

Gershon Consulting offers businesses “one-stop” shopping with turnkey comprehensive solutions, as well as customizable media and branding programs, and access to tailored strategic partnerships. Led by Olivier Attia, the Gershon Consulting team has extensive experience and a proven track record taking businesses to the next level… on both sides of the Atlantic. Gershon Consulting executives possess the desire and the “know-how” to facilitate and add value to a wide range of businesses.

Gershon Consulting’s value proposition is supported by a 360° service platform focused branding, communications, marketing and sales. Our U.S. strategy are designed to turn the idea of expansion into commercial success.

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Market Research Analysis

Market Research Plans are the best way to make sure your company has a fair chance at succeeding in a new market Going into a new market without having..

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Go-to-market strategy

Now that you have all this information on the market you wish to enter, what do you do with it? After conducting a market analysis, we will also advise you..

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Business Plan for Immigration

A business plan for immigration purposes is required by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) as part of the application for visas and green..

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Outsourced Sales Force

Outsourcing your sales force gives you a competitive advantage over companies that retain these functions in house. The secret to successfully outsourcing..

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Government Grants

There are many opportunities for financial help in the United States. More specifically, much is proportionated by the federal, state or local..

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Sourcing for acquisition

Acquisition of a business entails a lot of work. The process itself begins with deal sourcing: finding and engaging the right businesses. Its delicate..

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