How fitness can help your health and business

In the United States, health and fitness becomes a larger focus every year. One industry that people are particularly attracted to is that of Pilates and Yoga studios. This industry represents over a $7 Billion market.

People who practice Pilates and Yoga not only attend classes but also buy merchandise. In fact, there are four types of customers in this industry: those who attend a studio, a non-studio program, pay for a broadcast of a program, and those that perform programs on their own. This expands the market for these types of businesses because they can also sell merchandise, equipment and supplements also allowing them to reach a wide variety of customers.

Pilates is a type of exercise that brings: body awareness, a stronger core, and body control. Yoga stretches your muscles to help you feel less stiff or tired, stress reliever, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and better immune system function

Due to these health benefits, the demand for Pilates and Yoga will continue to increase as awareness of the health benefits and consumer benefits increase.In addition, there are low entry barriers to this market and low federal regulations of the operation of these type of businesses.