Britain exits the EU but still relies on French to build nuclear power plant.

It was confirmed, by a mere 10:7 vote, that EDF will build the 18 billion pound nuclear power plant in Hinkley Point. The project has been in debate since 2007 but has experienced set backs, until now.

This new plant in Hinkley Point will provide seven percent of UK power and will help them cut their carbon emissions. So, for the UK this new plant is crucial.

On the other hand, the French are split on their opinion of this new contract. While the French unions say the project is too big and costly for EDF, the company says that the project will be profitable. In addition, the French government believes the project will support the French nuclear industry over the next decade

What are your thoughts? Do you think that this project will be profitable and beneficial for everyone? Or, do you agree with the unions that it will ultimately lead to the decline of EDF?