CEO of ITAG Gives Insights into the Biggest Mistakes People Make When Entering the U.S Market

Business in the U.S is a contact sport in which others are already selling to your potential customers. Competitors are providing services to the clients you hope to reach and others are providing technology solutions to your potential users even as we speak.

Since there are already established, successful competitors in this market you seek to enter, your success will depend upon more than quality, service, technical superiority or even a favorable price.

Why do so many would-be exporters dabble in the U.S market? One reason is that opportunities to travel to new markets frequently present themselves in the form of trade missions and trade shows. Given the opportunity to test the waters, many companies take advantage of the chance to meet potential customers.

Only a few of these companies achieve the desired sales because they haven’t properly priced their product or service, considered the intricacies of shipping and logistics, arranged for service after the sale or even taken the time to understand the competitive landscape. So, they travel and come back more informed, yet, no closer to a sale than they were when they left.

Another reason companies pursue global markets, particularly the U.S, before they’re ready is that it is human nature to hope for the best. It is the same reason people purchase lottery tickets- Somebody has to win, right? So they pack up their company literature, get on the plane and hope they’re in the right place at the right time.

Not much of a strategy.

Let me give you a few more wrongdoings I see on a regular basis:

  • Approaching the market as its local market without acknowledging the cultural difference.
  • Recruiting resellers, distributors and expect that will do the job for you. As weird as it may sound to foreign entrepreneurs, U.S resellers are very conservative and prefer working with renowned and established vendors than new products.
  • Massively investing from day one to open the subsidiary, recruiting the team, contracting with law firms, accountants, payroll, etc. Thinking it is just down to money.

These are all recipes to failure. Big time.

Thanks to ITAG for filling its customers in with the” I-don’t-know-what-I-don’t-know” piece.

ITAG brings its unique experience and expertise in:

  • Pushing new products to the U.S market
  • Taking its customers from “early adopters” to “market recognition” stage
  • Using sales’ best practices
  • Gathering a seasoned team
  • Activating its network of contacts and partners
  • Blending with its customers’ team

The U.S market is very competitive and expects from its vendors a pragmatic and professional approach :

  • The ability to articulate the value proposition to its market
  • Having a clear positioning and messaging in regard to competition
  • Neat marketing material
  • Responsive and irreproachable support
  • Sales and Support best practices

ITAG is a turnkey solution to get up to speed in no time and the fastest way to generate revenues.

Through a respectful, constructive and energetic style guided by the defined objectives, we provide the leadership and vision necessary to ensure that our customers have the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Founder & CEO, Daniel Baloche