Many companies come up with great ideas. But, are they good enough to beat out the competition? Does their product offer something that will truly create value to the customer? Or, is it simply just another product to add to the pile of others just like it? These are some questions companies need to ask themselves before they produce a product because while it may be a great idea, it may not be that practical.

Introducing an innovative, expensive product into a market where simplicity is the main seller can be difficult. So, it is imperative that you make sure you are producing a product people will think they can not live without. Some questions you can ask yourself are: Is this market increasing or decreasing? It is extremely difficult to be successful in a declining market. Can my product be used with preexisting products? If so, this could open the door for a partnership with an already established, successful business. Does it add a value people will maintain and continue to buy? For obvious reasons, you want repeat business- this means they are loyal customers and it also means a steady revenue stream.

Perhaps you are entering a market where similar products are already established by big name brands. Now is the time to ask ourself if your product offers something different or better than these name brand, similar products. It is difficult to get people to change from what they know; in some markets brand loyalty is very high. So, one way to get people to change is offering a better, or comparable product, at a lower price. If it does a the same or a better job and costs a fraction of the price- why not change to a different product?

There are obviously many more questions to ask when expanding your company. However, if you do your homework it can be possible to expand and be successful.